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Specializing in hanging baskets, containers, and garden flowers

 2013 marks 34 years since we built our first greenhouse.   It was 1000 square feet in area.  I though it was huge and I my mind was full of possibilities. I was living my dream.  Today we have 18,000 square feet full of luxurious custom projects that ship province wide. 

Today, our clientelle is largely commercial. Our planters and baskets are pre-ordered six months in advance.  We specializing in supplying hotels, restaurants and estate homes. For a few exciting 'Wholesale to the Public' days we are open for drop-in visitors and retail sales. On those days we'will be happy to advise you on which 'a-la-carte' plants will suit your conditions and your taste. 


Baskets and pots 

Click here to see examples of our baskets and pots.  When warm weather arrives, pick them up or have them delivered.

You can pre-purchase one of our famous hanging baskets or containers; we'll keep it under our care until the weather cooperates, allowing it to grow to its full glory. Once the the time is right, you pick up a spectacular basket for an instant burst of colour in your yard. No more waiting until August for a full and luxurious look!

Please contact Cindy to place an order or find out more. 



Commercial Clients 

Solutions for the unique needs of restaurants, hotels and businesses. 

Click here for examples of work we have done for businesses in Calgary, Banff and Canmore. For more info call 403-936-5577 or e-mail Patty

If you have existing containers you need filled, perhaps our custom container service is right for you. Our talented container designer will discuss your requirements and preferences and will produce a stunning custom planter to fit precisely with what you want and need. You can even have it delivered right to your door when it's in glorious bloom! Hurry and get your order in today!

 For more info call 403-936-5577 Email us at    Map to our greenhouse